Book CoverDown's Syndrome: Advances in Medical Care
Lott & McCoy(Editors)
Wiley - Liss. 1992. ISBN 0-471-56184-3
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Published in 1992 this multi-author book is based on a healthcare conference held in the USA under the auspices of the National Down's Syndrome Society. All the contributions are scientifically based and well referenced. It begins with discussion of the genetic basis for Down's syndrome and continues through the formative years reviewing the development of speech and language. Clinical advances are highlighted by specialty, these include endocrine and metabolic disturbances; neurological and neurobehavioral disorders; cardiovascular concerns; orthopaedic, ear, nose and throat, oral and dental considerations; and discussions on sexuality, community living, and ageing. This is an excellent worthwhile text and a source of much useful information.

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