Musculoskeletal issues



In an Australian study in 2011 amongst 223 young people with Down syndrome, , aged 15-30 years, 61% complained of bone or muscle related problems.

Identification of musculoskeletal problems can be a challenge and is often delayed due to diagnostic overshadowing and difficulties in vocalization of pain.

A musculoskeletal assessment should be included as a part of yearly health examination to enable early identification and treatment.

Musculoskeletal problems difficulties arise from the underlying hypotonia, hypermobility, ligamentous laxity, auto immune dysfunction and premature ageing process, associated with Down syndrome.

The orthopaedic problems seen in Down syndrome include:

  • Spine:
  • Hip:
    • Hip instability including subluxation and dislocation
    • Slipped upper femoral epiphysis
    • Perthes Disease
    • Osteoarthritis of the hip
  • Patellofemoral Instability
  • Foot Abnormalities
    • Congenital talipes equino varus (CTEV-clubfoot )
    • Metatarsus Primus varus and associated hallux valgus and varus
    • Flat feet
  • Non-orthopaedic problems include:
    • Inflammatory arthritis
    • Early onset osteoporosis

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DSMIG Guidance

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Last updated: March 2012


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based on a presentation by Dr. Janet Gardner-Medwin. DSMIG Glasgow. May 2007

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Dr. Janet Gardner-Medwin

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