Medical Queries

We have an information team who are able to answer queries from health professionals on clinical issues relating to Down syndrome.

We are not in a position to answer queries direct from non – health professionals, parents, carers or people with Down syndrome, who should be directed to the information or advice services of one of the support organisations listed on this site.

When contacting the Information Team please give your name, job title and an email address to which appropriate information can be sent. This information is necessary for us to respond to your query. You may wish to make an enquiry relating to a particular individual with Down syndrome. We may need minimal anonymised information about the individual e.g. age, sex and health details to answer the query but please do not provide anything which is personally identifiable.

Further information is given in our privacy policy.

Non Medical Queries

We hope we have provided sufficient information concerning DSMIG Membership, meetings, publications or our meetings on the site. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact us.

We also welcome feedback on our website , and any suggestions for additions or improvements.


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