Covid-19 Update – 20/12/2021  

Covid-19 treatment

The NHS in the UK is now able to offer  antibody and antiviral treatments for those with coronavirus ( COVID 19) infection who are at highest risk of becoming seriously ill from the infection. Treatments have been available for some people seriously ill  in hospital since September 2021. As from 20 December 2021, neutralising monoclonal antibody treatment can be offered to people in the community  aged 12 and over who have tested positive via PCR , and are in certain vulnerable groups .

People with Down syndrome over the age of 12 are included in the list of those with highest risk .

Those who may be eligible will be identified by the NHS centrally, and local pathways are being set up to administer treatment .

Further details can be found on the Down’s Syndrome Association website or via www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/treatments-for-coronavirus/

All information relating to Down syndrome and COVID-19 can be found here. This is being updated to take account of new research findings and updated UK government advice as it becomes available.

This site provides essential information for healthcare professionals on ‘best practice’ medical care for people with Down syndrome in the UK and Ireland. It has been produced by the UK Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group (DSMIG), a network of doctors whose aim is to ensure equitable provision of medical care for all people with Down syndrome in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

This site has been developed to provide a resource of evidence based information towards this aim and includes

  • DSMIG Information resources- these are resources developed by DSMIG and include Guidelines for basic essential medical surveillance, key points and awareness notes, Personal child health record insert, Growth charts etc
  • Other Information resources- this is a wider range of resources including articles , other websites that we have found useful
  • Information about DSMIG activities

The website has been developed primarily to equip healthcare professionals with the resources they need to help them provide good, evidence based care for people with Down syndrome.

Although designed for health professionals we hope it will be of interest and use to a wider range of people who are interested in promoting health and well being of those with Down syndrome including parents and carers. We do however wish to stress that it is intended to complement, and never replace, direct medical consultation. For information more specifically designed for parents and carers please see other organisations.

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