Steering Group

Dr Kath Leyland (Glasgow)

Vice Chair
Dr Shiela Puri (Leeds)

Mrs. Penny Green (Down’s Heart Group)

Membership Secretary
Dr Jill Ellis (London)

Guidelines Co-ordinator
Dr Shiela Puri (Leeds) and Prof. Monica Lakhanpaul (London)

Director of Research
Prof. Monica Lakhanpaul (London)and Dr Jill Ellis ( London )

Information Team 
Dr Liz Marder (Nottingham) Web Editor and Dr Sarah Morris ( Poole)

Minutes Secretary
Dr Sarah Morris ( Poole)

Growth Charts Licensing Lead
Dr Marian McGowan (London)(co-opted) and Dr Shiela Puri (Leeds)

International Liaison
Dr Patricia Jackson (Edinburgh)

Scottish Liaison
Dr Pat Charleton (Aberdeen)

Irish Liaison
Prof.Edna Roche/Fiona McGrane


Adult Representative
Dr Christine Jenkins (Hertfordshire)

Meetings Convenor
Dr Mary Small and Dr Gita Croft

Parent Representative
Mrs Penny Green (Down’s Heart Group)

Down Syndrome Scotland
Pandora Summerfield(co-opted)

Member without portfolio
Dr Rebecca Ferris (Winchester)

Honorary Advisor
Dr Jennifer Dennis (Oxford)

Administrative Secretary/Information Officer
Lynn Nixon  (Nottingham)

Assistant Information Officer
Louise Clarke (Nottingham)


Last Updated January 2017


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