Steering Group

Dr Kath Leyland (Glasgow)

Vice Chair
Dr Shiela Puri (Leeds)

Dr Rebecca Ferris (Winchester)

Membership Secretary
Dr Claire McCall (Nottingham)

Guidelines Co-ordinator
Dr Shiela Puri (Leeds) and Prof. Monica Lakhanpaul (London)

Director of Research
Dr Jill Ellis (London) and Prof. Monica Lakhanpaul (London)

Information Team 
Dr Liz Marder (Nottingham) Web Editor and Dr Sarah Morris ( Poole)

Minutes Secretary
Dr Sarah Morris ( Poole)

Growth Charts Licensing Lead
Dr Marian McGowan (London)(co-opted) and Dr Shiela Puri (Leeds)

International Liaison
Dr Patricia Jackson (Edinburgh)

Scottish Liaison
Dr Pat Charleton (Aberdeen)

Irish Liaison
Prof.Edna Roche/Fiona McGrane ( Dublin)

Adult Representative
Dr Christine Jenkins (Hertfordshire)

Meetings Convenor
Dr Mary Small and Dr Gita Croft (co-opted)

Parent Representative
Mrs Penny Green (Down’s Heart Group)

Down Syndrome Scotland
Sarah van Putten (co-opted)

Honorary Advisor
Dr Jennifer Dennis (Oxford)

Administrative Secretary/Information Officer
Lynn Nixon  (Nottingham)

Assistant Information Officer
Louise Clarke (Nottingham)


Last Updated November 2016