Alternative Therapies


  • DSMIG can only recommend treatments and therapies for individuals with Down syndrome if they have undergone thorough scientific study
  • Suggested interventions may include drugs, cranial osteopathy, plastic surgery, cell therapy and other therapies
  • The potential for harm and significant unwanted side-effects is very real
  • Positive experiences such as horse riding, swimming, massage or music should be available to individuals with Down syndrome as they would be to anyone else; they do not need to be provided as therapy

Additional Resources

Book Chapter -Intervention and alternative therapies: medicine, myth and magical belief

Richard W. Newton

Down Syndrome – Current Perspectives

ds-current-perspectives-book-coverEdited by Richard Newton , Shiela Puri and Liz Marder


DSE online has an interesting article on multi-nutrient formulas:

 Multi-nutrient formulas and other substances as therapies for Down syndrome: an overview. Buckley F, Sacks B.,Down Syndrome News and Update. 1998;1(2);70-83


NHS choices information on complementary and alternative therapies

Last reviewed: May 28th 2020 Dr Sarah Morris, Consultant Paediatrician