Prenatal Diagnosis


In the UK, all pregnant women are offered initial screening tests, from 10 weeks of pregnancy, referred to as the combined test, and if indicated, further diagnostic testing for Down syndrome.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT), is a relatively new method of screening, this involves analysing cell-free maternal and fetal DNA in the mother’s blood, from 10 weeks of gestation. The sensitivity of testing for Down syndrome is reported to be 97.4%. However, there can be false negative, false positive and inconclusive results.

NIPT for Down syndrome is not yet available in the NHS, except as a part of a research project, in a small number of hospitals. It is, however, available through a number of private companies. Research, is being done to evaluate the technology and assess how it may be introduced, within the NHS.

Currently, confirmatory diagnostic tests for Down syndrome involve an amniocentesis, this carries a small risk of a miscarriage.

Many parents wish to proceed for diagnostic testing to prepare themselves psychologically, at the time of their baby’s birth, rather than for the purpose of termination. It is important that professionals provide balanced, accurate, up to date information in a sensitive and non-judgmental manner; ensuring that the woman is supported by her partner at the time of imparting the news.

It is helpful to signpost parents to the local parents’ Down syndrome support group and the Down’s Syndrome Association to obtain further information.


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Shiela Puri
Consultant Community Paediatrician