Personal Child Health Record (PCHR)

The fifth edition of this 30 page insert for the ‘Red Book’ was launched in January 2020. It contains additional information for parents and professionals which will help them maintain the health and well being of babies born with Down syndrome.

Areas covered are:

  • General information
  • Expected developmental progress
  • Possible health problems
  • Suggested schedule of health checks
  • Advice about immunisation, feeding and growth
  • Down specific growth charts
  • Sources of additional help and advice

This fifth edition of the insert has been updated by DSMIG and the text brought in line with the style of the standard PCHR. Expected developmental milestones are given in more detail than before. The number of possible health problems covered has been increased, and the suggested schedule of health checks brought up to date. The growth charts, which are also available in A4 size, are restyled and brought in line with the WHO general population charts currently in use in the UK.

The 2020 fifth edition can be downloaded here.

Information Update Down Syndrome PCHR Inserts 2020
(Powerpoint presentation 22.05.2020)


Copies of the insert can be ordered from Harlow Printing

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