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New Covid-19 Information – vaccine and UK variant

Covid-19 Update – New UK Variant and Vaccines

There is no current evidence that the new UK variant of COVID-19 strain is worse than the previous COVID-19 strain, in terms of severity of illness or risk of death. However, it does spread much more easily, and therefore it is really important to take strict precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. This includes maintaining strict hand hygiene, social distancing and wearing a mask.

As adults with Down syndrome are included in the list of people classed as clinically extremely vulnerable, they should be offered Covid 19 vaccine as part of that group. There is no evidence to suggest that the vaccine poses any additional concerns for people with Down syndrome compared with the general population, and all eligible adults should be offered and encouraged to have the vaccine. For further detail see here

There is very limited evidence of the safety or efficacy of the vaccine in children, and it should not be offered. It may be considered on an individual basis for older children/young people ( Over 12 years) who are extremely vulnerable and at high risk of exposure to infection. See here for further detail.

All information relating to Down syndrome and COVID -19 can be found here. This is being updated to take account of new research findings and updated UK government advice as it becomes available .


NEW Guidelines on thyroid disorder in children and young people with Down syndrome: Surveillance and when to initiate treatment

NEW Guidelines on thyroid disorder in children and young people with Down syndrome: Surveillance and when to initiate treatment now available

Further details also available on Thyroid disorder topic page

The new thyroid guidelines  were officially launched on Friday May 22nd 2020

The event  also introduced the 2020 update of the Parent Held Child Health Record insert.



Growing concerns regarding late presentation for medical help for non-COVID related illness

There is growing concern that parents of  children who develop medical problems during the current Covid-19 epidemic may not be accessing medical advice early enough and as a result are becoming seriously unwell  with non-COVID related illness, which is amenable to treatment.

This may be particularly relevant for children ( and adults ) with Down syndrome who already have or may be vulnerable to a range of medical  problems that are associated with Down syndrome .

Parents and Carers should be reminded that if they are worried about their child they should seek prompt medical advice via their GP , or 111 or in an emergency their local hospital Emergency Department .

For further information please see the COVID-19 Statement on delayed presentations from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health( RCPCH ).

A poster has been produced by the RCPCH advising parents on when they should seek medical help during the Covid 19 epidemic  – Advice for parents when child unwell or injured  poster


Updated 11.4.20